Do I have to sign up for a class?

While we offer lots of fun classes and workshops, our primary focus is for the walk-in crafter. Simply put, find a project that interests you, and we provide everything you need to Make Something Awesome.

How long does it take to get my project ready for me to make?

It depends on the project. A basic project takes about 12-15 minutes to prepare, some larger or personalized projects can take up to 24 hours and are best to pre-register to make.

When can I take my project home?

In most cases your project will be dry and ready to take home within about 20 minutes of completion. Candles are generally set within 1 hour. Resin projects require a full 20 hours to cure and can normally be pick up the next day.

If I come with a group, does everyone have to make the same thing?

Nope! Everyone can do something completely different. We would never want to hinder ones creative process.

Can I bring food or drink into the Craft Studio?

Sure! We do ask that you are courteous and properly dispose of your food waste. No alcohol is permitted unless you have booked a private party AND everyone present is 21+ (IDs will be checked)

What kind of paint do you use?

We have a mixture of acrylic and latex paints.